Friends of Shih Tzu Nation
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ChiChie Tascoe - In Washington, DC, most everyone who is someone, including the President (owner of Portuguese water dog Bo Diddley Obama) entrusts his or her canine pet's coiffure only to ChiChie's Grooming Spa. ChiChie and her daughter, business partner, and fellow expert groomer Aleta Elsayed are not only the premier dog groomers in the Nation's Capital but also old and valued friends of the author (see ChiChie's photo and quote on the title page for Section 5: Talk to the Animals).  
Karen Cataliato - Karen established the Shih Tzu Forum blog in 2001. How this Arizona fancier transformed her talented Shih Tzu puppy, Beau, into her hearing assistance dog, a Canine Good Citizen, and a decorated therapy dog is recounted in Chapter 12: Karen & Beau.
Claire Doré and Bonny the Shih Tzu - Performing Animal Troupe trainer Claire Doré created the Facebook page for Bonny the Shih Tzu, canine star of Irish writer and director Martin McDonagh’s frenetic new black comedy Seven Psychopaths (see Chapter 10: Seven Psychopaths and a Shih Tzu). 
Photo: Performing Animal Troupe
To see even more friends of Shih Tzu Nation, click on this pawprint:
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