Somewhere along life’s unpredictable journey, everyone who appears in this book has fallen under the spell of a Shih Tzu. In this lavishly illustrated volume, penned by award-winning writer Jonathan Agronsky and praised by editors at The New Yorker and Texas Monthly magazines, you will meet Shih Tzu that have: 


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Starred in a Hollywood movie.
Saved a loved one's life.
Served as guide dogs and therapy dogs.
Even spoken from the grave.
And you will meet Lion Dog lovers eager to share their touching, funny, often surprising stories with you. You will learn about the breed's long illustrious history.  You will go behind the scenes at the national Shih Tzu competition. And you will understand why this spirited descendant of the ancient Tibetan temple dog  consistently ranks today among America's ten most popular dog breeds. 
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