More Friends of Shih Tzu Nation
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American Shih Tzu Club - The ATSC provides a wealth of information and Web links on the breed standard and history, health, grooming, training, rescue, regional clubs, past National Specialty winners, and upcoming shows. It also publishes The Shih Tzu Bulletin quarterly, edited by Tammarie Larson.
American Kennel Club - Home page of the American Kennel Club, which publishes the monthly  AKC Gazette, featuring a quarterly breed column (under the heading "Toys" in the magazine's Table of Contents) authored by Shih Tzu expert, author, breeder and exhibitor Jo Ann White (see Chapter 4: Watch That Charm).
Cathy Pittman - Cathy Pittman's Performing Animal Troupe in Palmdale, California, has been supplying “well trained and well loved animal actors” for movies, TV and live shows for nearly thirty years.  Cathy also established and runs the Old Friends Animal Shelter & Education Center, which can be found on the Internet at
Heidi Kausch - Heidi is the long-time editor of the breed fanciers' quarterly The Shih Tzu Reporter.  She originally published two of Jonathan's storiesChapter 1: Hair of the Dog and Chapter 6: Finding Shih Tzulandas well as Kathleen Carrera's storyChapter 21: My Talking Teddyin the magazine.
Gayle Kirschenbaum - Award-winning filmmaker Gayle Kirschenbaum has produced a charming, touching film about her adventures in New York City with her little black-and-white Shih Tzu, Chelsea (see Chapter 7: Girls in the City).
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