On "The Price" (Chapter 14), about a Shih Tzu dognapped by a Texas politician:

"It's a really great story." - Lizzie Widdicombe, The New Yorker

"I really liked your piece." - John Broders, Texas Monthly
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On "My Talking Teddy" (Chapter 21), about a young woman who learns to communicate psychically with her Shih Tzu:

"I loved the story, and I am thrilled that Jonathan has included me in his book." - Sonya Fitzpatrick, Animal Communicator, Activist and Author
"These humorous, touching, lavishly illustrated stories should please not only Shih Tzu owners, but anyone who enjoys a good read."
- Kathleen Boyle, Kathleen Boyle Media
"Jonathan Agronsky's Shih Tzu Nation is a collection of real-life stories about the amazing "lion dog," whose ability to capture human hearts far exceeds its size. What is it about small dogs that makes them so endearing? Walk down the street with a pit bull or a doberman and people cross to the other side. But walk down the street with a Shih Tzu and they stop and talk. Agronsky's insightful and entertaining book explores the effect Shih Tzus have not only on their owners but everyone they meet. There's a little circus dog named Merry Legs in Charles Dickens' novel Hard Times, who can make even the most miserable souls happy. The Shih Tzus Agronsky introduces are no different. Reading this book, in fact, it occurred to me that Shih Tzus may be the ultimate service dog, possessing, as Lord Byron once said of his dog, 'all the virtues of man without any of his vices.' Shih Tzu Nation will make you think about dogs, especially small dogs, in a whole new way."
- Bill Thomas, Journalist and Author of Lawyers and Thieves, Red Tape, Club Fed, and Capital Confidential.
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